Launched in 1991 as Deneuve magazine,
Curve has been America's best-selling lesbian magazine for nearly three decades. As we approach Curve's 30th anniversary, it's time to imagine how Curve will serve lesbians and queer women in its next chapter.

At a time of great change and upheaval in the publishing and print journalism field, the current Curve publisher, together with the founder of Curve magazine, decided to start a new foundation to help the community face today’s challenges and to carry on Curve’s legacy of helping to curate culture for lesbians and queer women. Society has come a long way since the magazine launched, but the work is not done. With the support of our community, Curve magazine and The Curve Foundation will work hand in hand to continue to curate our culture into the future.

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Documentary Film AHEAD OF THE CURVE Premieres at Frameline

What made Curve magazine (first published in 1991 as Deneuve) ahead of its time wasn’t just the radical choice to boldly print “lesbian” on the cover…

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The Curve Foundation is currently in development

The mission of The Curve Foundation is to empower lesbians, queer women, trans women, and non-binary people of all races and ages to share our stories, connect with each other, and raise visibility…

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