Launched in 1991 as Deneuve magazine, Curve has been America’s best-selling lesbian magazine for nearly three decades. As Curve’s 30th anniversary approached, founder Franco Stevens reimagined how Curve will serve lesbians and queer women in its next chapter. Her journey to this historic decision is captured in the documentary film Ahead of the Curve.

Franco, along with a dynamic Advisory Council, started The Curve Foundation to empower the Curve Community – lesbians, queer women, trans women, and non-binary people of all races, ages, and abilities. The Curve Foundation will spur active storytelling and cross-generational dialogue around the Curve Community by supporting journalism inspired by the tradition of Curve magazine, investing in the next generation of intersectional leaders, and bolstering existing community archives as a resource to ensure LGBTQ+ women’s culture and history can be known.

Franco reacquired Curve magazine and donated it to the Foundation so it can leverage the brand and amplify the Foundation’s mission. Curve magazine is now a nonprofit project of The Curve Foundation. We will regularly curate articles from the Curve Archive, filling a critical niche by providing a way to understand our history – a portal into the hard-won lessons from our past that can inform our actions into the future. The Curve Foundation will bring the archive to life to provide context and a throughline between the critical conversations forming our movement in the 1990s and early 2000s and today. We are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time.


Empower lesbian, queer women, trans women, and non-binary people to share our culture and our stories, connect with each other, and raise visibility.


A renaissance of journalists inspired by the tradition of Curve will be actively telling community stories and engaging in cross-generational dialogue to connect and inspire, and to provide and find information about our community’s culture and history.